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xri-editors message

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Subject: XRI Syntax Design Principles draft

Dave & Editors,

I promised Gabe last Friday that I would post this before I went to bed
tonight so everyone would (hopefully) have a chance to glance at it
before tomorrow's call. I would have posted it to the Editor's subgroup
page at OASIS but the document upload feature doesn't provide the right
folder choices (Gabe, remind me to talk to you about this - I couldn't
find where to change it.)

This is a compilation of the design principles and patterns that have
evolved out of the strawman syntax proposal and subsequent discussion.
My BNF experience suggests we're far better off reaching agreement at
this level than we are trying to hash things out in BNF. Once we agree
at this level, the BNF largely falls out of it.

Dave, I'd like to put a 15-minute discussion of this on the agenda for
tomorrow's 3pm PDT call.



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