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Subject: Proposed revised outline

It's way past my bedtime but since I got so little spec work done today,
I want to at least post these key thoughts about the new document
My key hypothesis is that by separating the docs into a tech spec and a
non-normative primer, we free ourselves in the tech spec to follow RFC
2396 and 2396bis format very closely. That way the spec will look very
familiar to most Webbies, and it will be easy to see where it builds on
2396 concepts.
If you agree, then below is a revised proposed outline for the tech
spec, based on 2396bis organization. Note that I've included subheads
only under Introduction. I'd propose we use as many of the subheads in
2396bis as make sense, i.e., for all practical purposes use it as a
template with exceptions for the subject matter differences and the
OASIS vs. IETF formatting differences.
(If you just want to review the 2396bis outline directly, it's at the
start of the doc at
<http://www.apache.org/~fielding/uri/rev-2002/rfc2396bis.html> ).
Please do post your thoughts positive or negative on this ASAP as I'm
going to be starting on my drafting tomorrow.
  - Overview of XRIs  
  - Design Considerations
  - Syntax Notations
Syntax Components
Normalization and Comparison
Security and Data Protection Considerations
  - Normative BNF

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