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Subject: RE: [xri-editors] Comments on BNF (version 03, lines 649-654)

Good catch. Since xri-segment can already contain an xref, we had the
case of "xri:@(xref).foo.bar" covered, and the case where the authority
segment is an xref alone ("xri:(xref)/foo.bar"), but not the case where
the authority begins with an xref and has delegated sub-segments
However I see one problem with:
               XRI-authority = (gcs-char / xref) xri-segment
It's that a gcs-char can be following directly by a reassignable
identifier (e.g., @foo), whereas an xref is itself a sub-segment, so it
must be delimited from the next sub-segment by a dot or a colon.
So I think what we'll need is:
               authority-part = URI-authority / XRI-authority
               XRI-authority = ( gcs-char xri-segment ) / xref-segment
               xref-segment = xref  ( "." sub-segment / ":" sub-segment)
*( "." sub-segment / ":" sub-segment)
Please check my logic. 

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