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xri-editors message

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Subject: Candidate for Committee Draft release

I’ve attached a candidate for the committee draft release. Turn revision marks on to see the changes.


Summary of changes:


-          New document name and new document identifier – xdi-syntax-resolution-1.0-cd

-          Converted front matter to committee draft status. NOTE: We need to provide a link to the document errata. I chose to link to the TC home page, where we can put a link to errata. This indirection avoids a messy URI that depends on OASIS internals, like http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/4322/wd-xri-specification-RC2.pdf. If people are ok with this, we need to create an empty errata document and add a link to the TC’s main page.

-          There were TODOs in the text to add a reference to the XRI Primer and the XRI Metadata Spec. Because there are no documents to reference, I just removed the TODOs. When those specs are complete, we should produce errata on the Syntax/Resolution spec that clarify those references.

-          Spelling corrections throughout

-          Corrected substantive typo in

-          Changed “Identifier Authority Descriptor” to “XRI Descriptor” throughout

-          Changed “NextAuthority” to “XRIAuthority” throughout

-          Added normative text in 3.2.6 about ignoring annotations during resolution

-          Changed non-normative text in 3.2.7 for clarity based on feedback from SourceForge project


Note that I did not change appendix C (I think the current text is good enough).


IMPORTANT: I did not proof section 3 to see if there were changes other than simple search and replace associated with the change from “Identifier Authority Descriptor” to “XRI Descriptor” and from “NextAuthority” to “XRIAuthority”. I plan to read that section tonight, but at least one other person should do the same.


Comments are welcome.




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