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Subject: Minutes of XRI Editors call 8/3/2004

Title: [xri] [star syntax issue] Clarifying the argument

Minutes of XRI Editors call 8/3/2004


Attending: Peter Davis, Fen Labalme, Mark Le Maitre, Mike Lindelsee, Dave McAlpin, Drummond Reed, Gabe Wachob


Reviewed proposed changes to XRI 1.0


- Star semantics - ad hoc sub-group formed consisting of Mike, Fen, Drummond and Dave. Discussion will happen on the main list, with targeted phone calls as needed. Attempt to drive to consensus.


- URI style authority for XRI Authority - Dave to send summary of current thinking to the list for discussion


- New GCS character - Drummond has posted proposal. Everyone to review. Mike to respond.


- ABNF - Primarily clerical task to be managed by Mike, Drummond and Dave. Mike to review existing ABNF for completeness and correctness.


- Relative resolution for sub-segments - Not clear if this should be in scope for XRI Core. Drummond to lead discussion.


- AuthorityID in core XRID - approved


- Three resolution issues - generally approved. Gabe and Dave to draft proposals


- Normative references to 2396bis and IRI - Approved. Mark to add references to XRI homepage. Dave to supply text.


- Glossary additions for iName and iNumber - Drummond to post proposed definitiions and show that non-normative marketing terms belong in the glossary.


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