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xri message

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Subject: [xri] TC Kickoff

TC Members (and watchers):

[Apologies for the lateness of this email - the XRI list is not yet set up
and we are running out of time, so this email is being bcc'd to all TC
members directly.]

Welcome to the Extensible Resource Identifier OASIS Technical Committee
(<round of applause/>). We're all very excited to get the work underway
here, and would like to get started quite quickly. This email goes through
the adminstrivia of our first meetings and the agenda for the first concall.
Drummond Reed, TC co-chair, will send out email to kick off introductions of
TC members and to confirm that we have the correct list of folks who intend
to be full TC members at the first meeting. Expect early this week a
strawman requirements document for your review. We're not kidding about
breakneck speed here!

As mentioned in the charter we have our first "meeting" in the form of a
conference call scheduled for this Thursday, Jan. 9th. It will be at 2pm
US/Pacific time, which we understand to be difficult for some of you. Our
current thinking is to have these calls every other week, alternating
between 6am US/Pacific time and 2pm US/Pacific time. Please let us know if
either of these times is not workable for you on an ongoing basis. Its very
hard to get a time that works for all parts of the planet, so we expect that
some folks are going to either have to accomodate strange times or miss
every other TC call. Feedback is welcomed, of course.

Bill Washburn (XNSORG) will be the meeting moderator, and will run the
meetings (unless we get feedback otherwise) in a relatively informal
"committee of the whole" mode. I'll let him elaborate if he thinks it
neccesary. Mike Lindelsee (Visa), for the time being, will be the recording

For the FIRST CALL ONLY (at this point), dial in information is:

US Toll Free: 877-847-2001
Local/Intl: 650-432-0111 
(i'll let you outside the country figure out how to dial to US)

Meeting ID: 6846 (you'll be prompted for this)
Date/Time: JAN, 9 2003 at 2:00 PM America/Los_Angeles. 

We have also proposed and are planning to have our first face to face Feb.
21st-22nd, 2003 at Visa International in Foster City (just south of the San
Francisco Intl airport). We plan on having dialin capabilities for those TC
members who cannot attend physically, but we need to know very soon:

1) Can you make the F2F? 
2) If not, can you plan to dial in most of those days? 
3) Are you strongly in favor of another date for the F2F. The currently
proposed date, while not set in stone, is the soonest we could get agreement
on for just the small group of folks doing initial TC planning. I suspect if
this proposal is not acceptable to the majority of TC members, we are going
to have to delay the first F2F a while.

We'd wanted to plan F2F very early on in the TC's lifecycle to maximize the
effectiveness our working relationships which will mostly be manifested in
email and on the phone. We plan on having future F2F's as well, but this
first one is especially important to get familiar with each other. 

If you have feedback on this agenda, please respond to the XRI TC list. 

1. Procedures for Calls - 5 mins
a.	Timing - call agenda will commence at 5 mins after the hour, calls 
      will be 45-60 minutes
b.	Alternative times - discuss day of week, time of day, and
c.	Agendas for calls - sent out 48 hours before the call, discuss where

      to send agenda items
d.	Additional calls - discuss holding calls on the alternate weeks, 
      primarily to discuss technical subject matter 
e.	Discuss approach to handling splinter or spillover topics

2. Proposed Approach to the Work - 10 mins
a.	Summary of the purpose of the TC
b.	Summary of the deliverables outlined in the TC charter and proposed 
      phases of work

3. Requirements Proposal - 15 mins
a.	Summary of the initial requirements strawman proposal
b.	Discuss proposed document editors
c.	Discuss proposed schedule - publish this document the week after the
      first f2f
d.	Discuss proposed next steps

4. Online Communication - 5 mins
a.	Use of the TC email list (xri@oasis-open.org)
b.	Use of the TC comment list (xri-comments@oasis-open.org)
c.	Use of the TC Web site
d.	Proposal to use a wikiweb

5. Face-to-Face Meetings - 5 mins
a.	Proposal for first F2F - Thursday/Friday February 21/22, Visa Int'l,
      Foster City
b.	Discuss overall F2F schedule

6. Closing and Next Call
a. Review of Actions Items

Once again, thanks everyone for your participation and if you have any
feedback or suggestions whatsoever, feel free to email the XRI TC list
(which is *publicly* archived) or myself (gwachob@visa.com) and/or Drummond
Reed (drummond.reed@onename.com) directly. 


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