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Subject: [xri] NEW AGENDA

Its been pointed out to Drummond and myself that the first meeting agenda is
specified (SHOULD) in the oasis TC guidelines. Instead of inventing our own,
we've decided to go by the agenda marked here, which covers administrative
issues that every TC needs to discuss. To that end, we'll not be discussing
the requirements document except as how it illustrates the TC charter about
which we will be coming (hopefully) to consensus upon on this first concall.

The agenda here is very close to the one here, with a few modifications.


1. Welcome by chairs (Drummond Reed and Gabe Wachob)

2. Roll call by Mike Lindelsee (Visa) to match the names of pre-registered
people against the meeting attendees in order to determine TC membership. To
become a member at the first meeting, the person must 1) be eligible, i.e.
be an employee of an OASIS member organization or an Individual member of
OASIS; 2) have notified the chair of the person's intent to participate 15
days before the first meeting; and 3) attended the first meeting.
3. Review of OASIS TC process and IPR policy; Karl Best will help with this.

4. Review of TC charter (statement of purpose, goals, deliverables,
schedule, etc.). 

5. Discussion whether there is any need to clarify the charter, and
discussion of how to accomplish the goals set forth in the charter. By
joining the TC a person accepts the charter and chair as proposed, so no
ratification is required, but any issues or comments related to the charter
(and choice of chair) should be addressed. The TC may clarify the charter at
any time by majority vote. This will be the most important output of this
phone call. The strawman requirements will be going out probably tomorrow
which we hope will help to elucidate the charter. 

6. Vote on any standing rules for the TC, such as whether to allow voting
via email. We will send out a proposed list of standing rules. 

7. Selection/volunteers for the following positions. Most of these are the
chair's responsibilities but can be delegated. These positions could be
filled by election, or by volunteers that are then ratified or accepted by
the TC membership. The XRI TC has cochairs already, so no vice-chair will be
selected. Mike Lindelsee (visa) will be acting secretary for the first
meeting. Bill Washburn will "run" the first (and possibly, subject to
ratification) future TC meetings as "moderator". Gabe Wachob will volunteer
as webmaster unless another party is interested. At this point, we have not
identified the need for liasions to other standards groups, but if there are
any identified, we may take proposals for persons to fill these roles at
this meeting.

liaisons with other applicable standards groups or OASIS TCs 

8. Split into subcommittees if necessary (each will need its own charter,
chair and editor, liaisons with other subcommittees, etc.). 

9. Set meeting schedule & ask for volunteers for hosting meetings. 
We will discuss the phone call schedules and the face to face meeting
tentatively planned for Feb 21-22, 2003.

10. Discuss the use of email, a wiki site, and other forum for interaction.
(this may be part of the standing rules)

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