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Subject: [xri] FW: Ground rules proposal for XRI TC conference calls

Forwarded from Bill Washburn...

--- Begin Message ---
Dear XRI TC members:

Hello and greetings for the new year.

As the first conference call approaches and as the call moderator for
the first meeting, I would like to propose a few commonsense style
ground rules to ensure the conference call is effective and productive
for everyone.  Of course, I defer to your experience and expertise
regarding changing, eliminating, or adding to these suggestion.


Bill Washburn

Basic ground rules I propose include:

    1. Try to identify yourself when you start a comment, especially
when you make your first
comment on a call or when some time has elapsed since your last comment

    2. Please keep comments succinct and on topic

    3. Try not to reiterate previous comments, but add new information /

    4. Please don't interrupt or talk over the person already speaking

    5. Allow for many to comment rather than have a few people always
dominate the dialogue

    6. Allow for tangent issues to be identified and moved off call

    7. Listen actively, speak respectfully, avoid offensive language

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