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Subject: [xri] XRI Press Coverage

The amount of press coverage on the TC is encouraging although we have some
concerns that there are a number of misunderstandings about the intentions
and direction of the XRI effort. 
As stated in the charter, the "committee will define a Uniform Resource
Identifier (URI) scheme and a corresponding Uniform Resource (URN) namespace
that meet these requirements, as well as basic mechanisms for resolving XRIs
and exchanging data and metadata associated with XRI-identified resources."

These words are challenging to interpret given the broad range of related
activities underway on the Internet today and we won't even try to summarize
the effort differently here.  However, while not speaking for the group as a
whole, we do think we can at least share some additional thoughts and


	*	IS NOT an effort to standardize XNS
	*	IS NOT working on a replacement for HTTP URL's
	*	IS discussing some of the ideas presented in XNS AS WELL AS
other Web standards/open specifications
	*	MUST develop specifications that complement
existing/emerging Web Services standards

We look forward to the start of the effort today!

Best Regards,

Dave Wentker
Gabe Wachob
Mike Lindelsee

Visa International

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