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Subject: [xri] Minutes of 9 January 2003 XRI TC

Everyone, please review these minutes at your earliest convenience for
accuracy and ACTION items.  Please report errors by replying to this

Minutes of the OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier Technical Committee
9 January 2003

* Welcome:	Drummond Reed, OneName, chair
		Gabriel Wachob, Visa International, chair

* Roll Call:	Mike Lindelsee, Visa International

The following people attended the meeting.

Geoffrey Strongin <geoffrey.stongin@amd.com>, AMD
Joseph Moeller <jpm2@eds.com>, EDS
Jim Schreckengast <jim.schreckengast@gemplus.com>, Gemplus
Xavier Serret <xavier.serret@gemplus.com>, Gemplus
Phillipe LeBlanc <philllipe.leblanc@gemplus.com>, Gemplus
Winston Bumpus <wbumpus@novell.com>, Novell
Nat Sakimura <n-sakimura@nri.co.jp>, NRI Pacific
Tomonori Seki <t2-seki@nri.co.jp>, NRI Pacific
Tetsu Watanabe <tetsu@nri.com>, NRI Pacific
Drummond Reed <drummond.reed@onename.com>, OneName
Loren West <loren.west@onename.com>, OneName
Dave McAlpin <dave.mcalpin@onename.com>, OneName
Marc LeMaitre <marc.lemaitre@onename.com>, OneName
Dave Wentker <dwentker@visa.com>, Visa International
Rajeev Maria <rmaria@visa.com>, Visa International
Mike Lindelsee <mlindels@visa.com>, Visa International
Gabriel Wachob <gwachob@visa.com>, Visa International
Michael Willett <mwillett@wavesys.com>, Wave Systems
Bill Washburn <bill.washburn@xns.org>, XNSORG
Eamonn Neylon <eneylon@manifestsolutions.com>, Manifest Solutions
Reva Modi <reva_modi@infosys.com>, Infosys
Peter Davis <peter.davis@neustar.biz>, Neustar
Thomas Bikeev <bikeev@ean-int.org>, EAN International
James Bryce Clark <jbc@lawyer.com>, Individual Member
Matthew Dovey <matthew.dovey@las.ox.ac.uk>, Individual Member

* Moderator: Bill Washburn, XNSORG

* Review of OASIS TC process and IPR policy: Karl Best, OASIS

Karl mentioned documents that cover TC and specification process and IPR
policy.  These are available on the OASIS homepage at:

  http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.shtml and

It is important that the secretary, editor(s) and chairs be familiar with
these documents.

Karl also mentioned that his role is that of a resource to all of the TC's
-- he assists in keeping everything running smoothly and is available for
any questions, concerns and/or clarifications.

It was pointed out that XNSORG has made a submission of IPR to the TC and
that the group needs to be familiar with the agreement before accepting it.

* Review of TC Charter:	Gabriel Wachob, Visa International

Misunderstandings of the TC's purpose as seen in PR were discussed.  It is
not clear that we have described the aim of the TC clearly enough.  It was
proposed that the "things we are not doing" be added to the charter.  A
recommendation was made that the types of resources that might be identified
using the XRI specification be listed in detail.

ACTION: Marc LeMaitre, OneName, will send a strawman modification of the
charter to the list with the clarifications discussed.

The "royalty free" requirement from the requirements strawman was mentioned
as there is no similar language in the charter.  It was proposed that the TC
adopt RF as a working policy (unanimous consent).  Karl mentioned that TC's
should not redefine IPR policy -- OASIS already has one.  It is up to TC's
to accept or reject submissions based on IPR as they see fit.  Most TC's do
not put such policies in their charters though.

The question of a charter requiring a specific schedule was raised.  Karl's
answer was that it does, but that it can be very general (i.e., a
specification is expected to be completed in Q3, etc.).  

It was proposed that the charter be accepted as it stands and that
clarifications and more detailed schedule be added to it over time.  The
decision to accept the charter was postponed for the next meeting or two
until the additional information has been added to it.

ACTION: Propose a general schedule of deliverables to be added to the

* Discussion of Standing Rules: Gabriel Wachob, Visa International

The guidelines sent to the email list by Bill Washburn, XNSORG, were
mentioned.  There were no objections to the guidelines.

It was proposed that guests be allowed on the TC conference calls as long as
they do not remain anonymous.  The TC will not make an attempt to enforce
this rule, but will make it clear that visitors are expected to announce
themselves.  The motion was accepted with unanimous consent.

ACTION: Add the rule that guests are allowed as long as they do not remain
anonymous to the standing rules.

It was further proposed that voting by email be allowed.  The motion was
accepted with unanimous consent.

ACTION: Add the rule that voting by email be allowed to the standing rules.

ACTION: An updated list of the standing rules will be sent to the email list
and voted on during the next conference call.

* Request for Volunteers:	Gabriel Wachob, Visa International

A request was made for volunteers for the positions of editor and secretary.
There were no volunteers.  It was mentioned that for the time being, the
chair role would handle the webmaster position as well.

A vote of support for the people filling the positions currently was made
and there were no objections.

Volunteers for liasons with other groups were asked for.  A number of people

Eamonn Neylon, Manifest Solutions: DOI/Handle (it was mentioned that we may
need a separate liason with CNRI if we license Handle)
Matthew Dovey, Individual Member: UDDI TC
Winston Bumpus, Novell: Directory Interoperability Forum
Peter Davis, Neustar: Technical Architecture Group, W3C
Thomas Bikeev, EAN International: EAN International

* Splitting into subcommittees:	Drummond Reed, OneName

It was agreed that we would start as a single group while working on the
requirements document.  After the requirements document is completed, we
will consider splitting into subcommittees.

* Future Meetings:	Gabriel Wachob, Visa International

It was proposed that our conference calls be bi-weekly (every other week) on
Thursdays and alternate between 2pm and 6am PST.  A concern was raised about
possible clashes with other standing meetings.  It was decided to take this
discussion offline to the email list.

ACTION: identify any clashes with proposed schedule and other standing

The next call will be held on Thursday, 23 January 2003 at 6am PST.

A clarification to the proposed face-to-face meeting was made -- the meeting
will be on the 20th and 21st of February (Thursday and Friday).

AMD offered to sponsor the next conference call.

ACTION: Email the list with conference call information

* Tools for Interaction:	Gabriel Wachob, Visa International

A request was made that input be given on the email list for tools that the
TC should use (e.g., email list, wiki site, etc.).

ACTION: Discuss tools that will help facilitate communication between TC

ACTION: Drummond Reed, OneName, will send email suggesting "homework" for
the next call.

ACTION: Review the strawman requirements document.

ACTION: Brainstorm on the email list about liasons.

Mike Lindelsee
Visa International

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