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Subject: [xri] Informal Use Cases/Scenarios

We have not yet discussed a use cases document. It is becoming clear to me
from my informal discussions with 3rd parties that there is still some
confusion as to exactly what we are proposing to deliver - how it will be
used, and in which environments.

This seems to indicate a need for use cases, even in just informal form. I
suspect that some of the TC participants are thinking in relatively specific
terms how they would like to be using the TC's specifications. Many of you
are pariticipating because of the *general* class of problems/challenges we
are addressing. I'm sensitive to the fact that some folks may not be
comfortable sharing too much of their plans or thinking with the world.

That being said, I would like TC participants to bullet list sketches of how
they see XRIs (and the rest of the TC's architectural concepts and
deliverables) being used. This will help me immensely as a co-chair in
communicating what we are doing to others. I certainly have a good idea of
what we're doing, and we have sketched out the broad outlines in the
charter, but I think we need more *illustrative* (and not neccesarily
limiting or normative) concrete applications.

For example:

Using XRIs as identifiers for TopicMap Published Subjects
Using XRIs as identifiers for RDF resources
Using XRIs as a way of identifying products in a supply chain management
identification scheme (with a nod to EAN)
Using XRIs as a way of identifying users in a enterprise-wide access control
Using XRIs and data exchange for consumers to manage privacy preferences
with e-commerce sites
I want to have a key list of these use cases, without much detail right now.
I'm not proposing we even try to deliver this as a formal OASIS spec
(perhaps just as a TC spec). We need to be careful and sensitive to other
efforts in these spaces -- it is my intent and hope that we do not attempt
to redo work already underway in other groups. 

ACTION ITEM (ALL): Send the XRI TC list sketches of scenarios/use cases. 


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