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Subject: [xri] VERY short intro

In the interest of reducing signal-to-noise let me briefly run down my

Undergrad Computer Science degree from UC San Diego (after an unhappy first
year at Carnegie Mellon), JD (law degree) from UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall. I
am interested in public policy regarding the computers, Internet,
intellectual property, privacy, etc.  Never practiced law. 

Worked as a software engineer/architect/sysadmin/network engineer at a
number of small startups (which is my specialty, you might say) - most
notably Findlaw (first non-founder employee at the legal portal), Airflash
(location based services), ISharp (now defunct). Also: Bigbook, Ventro, and
several others. I would note that none of these companies are still around
as independent surviving businesses. If they say failure is the best
education, then I've had a great Silicon Valley education!

Been working with Visa Intl for a little under 2 years now, in Dave
Wentker's Applied Research group. 

I also participate in a number of with Open Source projects, and have
participated in other standards efforts, including IETF's BEEP (RFC
3080/3081) and APEX working groups. I tend to keep myself logged into IRC
most of the day as GabeW on FreeNode (irc.freenode.net where you will find
many open standards and open source folks). If anyone would like a crash
course on using IRC as a realtime communications tool, please let me know.


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