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Subject: [xri] "Homework" for next XRI TC Call

XRI TC Members:

I had an action item to send out homework for the next call. My suggested
assignment involves primarily reading in preparation for discussion about
our first deliverable: requirements and use cases.

To that end, I suggest reviewing the following documents in order of

* The Strawman Requirements document which was prepared to capture a number
of the requirements the founders of the TC have been working from. Keep in
mind this is an early proposal to help coalesce thinking and input from all
TC members and observers:


* A good example of the feedback that will move the Strawman Requirements
document forward is the comments of Lars Marius Garshol at:


* In his surveys of related work, Gabe Wachob has located several articles
from the AutoID Center at MIT, which was founded to develop the Electronic
Product Code (EPC), the Internet-era follow-on to the ubiquitous UPC and EAN
codes. The following white papers from the AutoID Center are an excellent
summary of the requirements and identifier schemes they have been working

	On The Design of Globally Unique Identification Schemes

	The Electronic Product Code Naming Scheme for Physical Objects

	The Object Name Service

* Lastly, on the topic of requirements for persistent identifiers and the
relationship of URNs (Uniform Resource Names) to URLs (Uniform Resource
Locators) and URCs (Uniform Resource Characteristics), I highly recommend
RFC 1737 written in 1994 by Karen Sollins of MIT and Larry Masinter (then at
Xerox). It's only five pages long, yet it speaks volumes:  

	Functional Requirements for Uniform Resource Names


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