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Subject: [xri] Agenda for Jan 23 2003 TC Call

Sponsored by AMD (thanks to Geoffrey Strongin), the next TC dialin info and
agenda follows. If you have feedback on this agenda, please let us know in
the next 24 hours. 



Call Date:	Thursday, January 23rd
Call Time:	6:00 AM PST 

Domestic call in number:	 866.365.4406
International call in number:	 303.248.9655
7-Digit Access Code: 			6022117



1. Roll Call (MIKE LINDELSEE) - starts at 5 minutes after the hour

2. Approval of Minutes - 5 minutes

3. Royalty Free licensing (DRUMMOND REED, GABE WACHOB)- 20 minutes
a. Adoption of Royalty-Free license policy for all TC work product
b. Changing of charter to reflect a RF policy (MARC LEMAITRE)

3. Acceptance of XNS specs from XNSORG, including review of IPR
   (DRUMMOND REED) - 10 minutes

4. Consensus on Feb 20-21st face to face meeting in Foster City
   (GABE WACHOB) - 5 minutes

5. Report and Consensus on timing of TC Phone Conference Calls
   (REVA MODI) - 10 minutes

6. Review of Requirements (time permitting)
   Even if we do not discuss, we must agree on the priority of the 
   next steps to get to full action on this at the f2f. 

7. Close - 5 minutes
a. Timing of next TC concall
b. Volunteer to host next TC concall
c. Review of Action Items (MIKE LINDELSEE)

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