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Subject: Re: [xri] [Fwd: Re: Clarifying what a URL identifies (Four Uses o f aURL)]

Wachob, Gabe wrote:
> Definitely a fascinating line of thought that dovetails in some ways with
> our motivations. Specifically, relative to this document, I think we'd
> describe the XRI effort as a "name indicates meaning" approach to
> identifying real world resources.
 > <snip/>

So, to (somewhat) encapsulate the URI thread w/the TAG presently, I 
conclude the following:

URI's are references, which take additional meaning based on the use of 
the reference (eg: xml namespace of xsi describing my car vs an 
identifier of my car vs my BLOG homepage which contains (a fragement) 
reference to my car).

So, not only does a URI, generally have metadata regardless of the 
context of the use of the reference, it also has additional metadata 
which describes a particular instance of the reference.

If there is agreement on this interpretation, then might i suggest 
adding the following to the 3rd requirement (metadata) in the draft req's:

"Allow for unique, dereferencable representations of metadata in context 
with the citation of a URI"

RDF-like URI's may already accomodate for this..I'll have to look more 
deeply there, however.

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