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Subject: Re: [xri] [Fwd: Re: Clarifying what a URL identifies (Four Uses of aURL)]

Bernard Vatant wrote:

> Bottom line: a URL, like any other kind of character string, does not
> identify any subject "per se", but can be used as an identifier if you
> provide a clear and unambiguous identification process. And since
> process can be different, the same string can be used different ways to
> identify different things. This is not specific to URLs, it is the same
> with whatever naming or identification system. "2003-01-24" is only a
> character string, and it does not "per se" identify the current day, out
> of context. 

Yes, I agree with your conclusion.  Also, reading the mind (map) of 
David Booth 
reminds me of the recent debate of WHAT exactly the URI identifies 
(dirived through context, right? but wait...).

which (correctly) concludes that a URI can identify not only thing1 and 
thing2, but the binding (mapping) which relates thing1 TO thing2 
(perhaps they are brothers :-).  Leaving us with three identifiers for 
two subjects!

I think that topic maps CAN express this, but i am presently less 
educated on the subject than i would like to be...(note to self).

-- peterd

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