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Subject: Updated Requirements and New Related Tech docs

XRI TC Members,

I just uploaded the third draft of the XRI Requirements and Glossary
document and a first draft of the new XRI Overview of Related Technologies
document. We will discuss both further on today's TC call, but a new notes
in case you miss the call:

* Because we did some major reorganizations, this version didn't use
revision marks. Both documents are clean versions.

* We separated out what had been the Related Technologies section into a
separate document because it was growing so large (it is up to 29 at this
point and Marc Le Maitre is still going.) This is intended to be only an
informative document to aid our work on the specs. Marc and other
contributers will continue working on it until it is reasonably

* We updated the Motivations section to reflect several good comments

* We reorganized a few of the requirements to provide better logical
grouping and finished most TO DOs.

* Two requirements were added related for creating profiles of the XRI
scheme to enforce semantic or syntactic rules particular to a specific
identity authority or community. Gabe will talk more about these on the

* Many (but not all) of the glossary TO DOs were done and some (but not all)
references were added.

The most important point is that we believe draft 03 is very close to "good
enough for now" status so we are planning only one more 2 week review cycle
before the call on April 17. The following will be the ground rules for this
final cycle:

* Any requirement that is at the PR stage will automatically be promoted to
the CR stage on Friday, April 11 unless there has been an explicit objection
or proposed modification posted via the xri list.

* Any other comments or revisions to the content of draft 03 should be
submitted either via the Kavi system or the list by Friday April 11.

At that point the editors will prepare the official 1.0 version of XRI
Requirements and Glossary and post it for a vote. In the meantime, we're
getting started on the XRI syntax specs, as we'll discuss further on the


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