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xri message

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Subject: progress of xri strawman

XRI TCers-
	Drummond, Dave McAlpin, Mike Lindelsee and I have presented
alternative strawmen proposals for syntax and resolution to each other and
we're pretty happy that from the point of view of the TC Chairs we're going
to have a strawman proposal that works for everyone out by tomorrow. This
strawman will be a synthesis of the strawmen proposals we had independently
come up with over the last few weeks. Your patience for the extra day of
waiting is appreciated. 

	This strawman will likely be comprised of examples to illustrate
syntax features rather than a complex formal BNF at this point. We feel this
better facilitates discussion. Our independent proposals had rough BNF
worked out (and I have resolution specified in some detail), but the
synthesized version may or may not by tomorrow. 

	Please keep your eyes out for it. 



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