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Subject: Another Requirements Feedback



  Here are some comments from my side.


2.1 Introduction:

Seven layers diagram may lead to confusion with OSI 7 layer model diagram since it is identical up to layer 3.


3.1 URI and URN Requirements

This in fact contradicts with Internationalization because URI does not allow the use of internationalized characters. If XRI were to conform to URI, then all the international characters must be escaped making it human un-readable in native languages.


Thus, line 266 needs to be rephrased to something like:

The XRI specifications for all identifiers must conform to the URI specification documented in IETF RFC 2396 [URI] after canonical transformation.


Alternatively, we may be able to change URI to IRI.


3.3.7 and 3.3.8 probably is not a requirement but the implementation lead from the requirement for the identifiers and data to be internationalized.


After a little bit of thought experiment, I came to a conclusion that it may be worthwhile to put "Proxy Resolution" in the requirement.


4.10 [PR] Proxy Resolutions:

The XRI resolution mechanism must allow proxy mechanism so that resolution does not reveal persistent abstract URI to the data requester.


This, in fact, is required for the privacy protection. Proxy Resolutions naturally requires trusted resolution to supplement the anonymity given by it.


Another one: This may be a scope that belongs to the next phase TC, but as a reminder, let me put it here. Rationale for this requirement is the fact that there have to be a machine readable standard format log to track the resolution request and data usage.


4.11 [PR] Audit Trail Message

The XRI resolution mechanism must define the standard message format for the resolution logging.




Nat Sakimura, Nomura Research Institute.
xns name: =sakimura email: n-sakimura@nri.co.jp



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