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Subject: RE: [xri] Requirements Feedback from Visa



> * Do we need to mention addresses that support the concept of "multicast"
> "broadcast"? More generally, do we need to have a concept of "groups" in
> (as distinct from individual resources).

Concept of groups is very useful. We were doing some prototyping on XNS
server for last 3 months, and "group identity" was very useful. 

> 471+: This is perhaps and awkward placesment of this requirement (GMW: I
> don't remember who's comment this is, but I can't figure out a better
> placement)
I cannot think of any other place either. In fact, this requirement is
almost redundant because this is almost automatically granted. Nonetheless,
it does not to have it spelled out here just to make sure. 

> 476+: Probably should lose the word "veronymity" in this requirement since
> a) nobody knows about it and b) it should probably be stated as (at the
> of the rquirement) ".. and support the ability to make assertions about
> verfiability of the presented identifiers" (or something like that).
> However, isn't this outside the scope of the XRI spec?
Same as above. Almost redundant. 

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