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Subject: Re: [xri] versioning of authirity section

Lindelsee, Mike wrote:

>Even though XRIs don't always need to resolve, I tend to think of the modal case as being URIs that do resolve.  If versioning can be applied to name authorities, I definitely agree that we need to pay close attention to the details of what that means and how resolution is specified/handled.

>Would you go so far as to version parts of the name authority?  For example:
>   host[;2002-04-01T20:10:23Z].foo.biz/this/resource
>My sense is that using versioning on parts of a DNS name might complicate things more that it would be worth.  Such a feature might be easier to implement with name authorties that don't use DNS names (since we are creating a new resolution mechanism for those anyway).  Thoughts?
This is not as unreasonable as it may seem at the surface.  The DNS has 
this capacity today with serial numbers on zones (commonly expressed as 
[\d]{4,4}[\d]{2,2}[\d]{2,2}[\d]{2,2} or yyyymmddnn).  So, for larger, 
distributed zones, you could even have:


trouble is, in general, that only the zone authority can express such an 
XRI.  Others _could_, but only through digging (pun intended) deeply 
with DNS administrative tools (getting zone serial numbers).  I do not 
think we should deliberately exclude such a structure from XRI.

As for non-DNS names, as you point out, things could be simpler (esp. 
for HTTP-based resolution)

--- peterd

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