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Subject: Re: [xri] Version enclosures

Drummond Reed wrote:

>Backing up to the start of this thread, I too like Peter's suggestion
>that a different set of encapsulation characters could be great for
>setting apart version syntax. However bringing up square brackets
>immediately makes me think of RFC 2732
>It is notable because it explicitly updates RFC 2396 to move square
>brackets from the "unwise" character set to the "reserved" character set
>and states that RFC 2732 "defines a syntax for IPv6 addresses and allows
>the use of "[" and "]" within a URI explicitly for this reserved
I personally am not wedded to "[" and "]", it was mearly visually 
distinct from "(".  "{" is too close visually to "(".  I had neglected 
to consider it reserved for ipv6 :-(, which leaves us with more 
"non-traditional" bracing from the "unwise" collection:

    unwise = "{" | "}" | "|" | "\" | "^" | "[" | "]" | "`"

leaving "^" and "|" as the two likely candidates. Pipe, i think, should 
remain unwise ;-)

--- peterd

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