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Subject: Proposed Agenda for Thursday


Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
International / Atlanta Area Direct Dial: 1.404.920.6650
Participant Code: 971894#
05-01-2003 7:00 AM PDT

(THANKS TO Dave McAlpin & Epok, Inc.)


1. Roll Call & Approval of Minutes (SECTY) - 5 minutes 
   Starts 5 minutes after the hour.

2. Review and Closure 4th Draft of Requirements & Glossary (DRUMMOND 
   REED) - 10 minutes
   (document coming wednesday)

3. Process for 1st draft of addressing & resolution spec (GABE WACHOB) 
   - 10 minutes
   step 1. Editor team puts together proposed outline and initial 
           low-risk, stable, uncontroversial text and post doc to list 
           for feedback
   step 2. Work through raised issues on the list 
   step 3. Enter in text corresponding to settled issues (repeat on step 2)

   -call for volunteers for the editor team for this doc
   -new issues should be raised as they come up and will be integrated 
        with the issues list on a "rolling" basis. 

4. Discussion of versioning (issues 4, 5, 6, related): (GABE WACHOB, 
   DAVE McALPIN) - 15 minutes
   - Consensus that we need versioning
   - Proposal for cross-referencing mechanism for versioning
   - Proposal to move ahead on versioning of naming authorities

5. Discussion of "global context symbols" (issues 8, 9): - 10 minutes
   - Explanation of purpose (DRUMMOND REED)
   - Explanation of concern with their use (MIKE LINDELSEE)

6. Close (5 min)
a. Review of Action Items
b. Call for Volunteers for hosting and secretary for next concall

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