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Subject: Public Review Draft Announcement [resend]

[Resent because of previous errors]
XRI TC Members-
    The -07 version of the XRI Spec has been uploaded to the OASIS serverThe public may view the documents at the following URLS:
    This document is ready for public input. Its certainly not baked, and we are looking for significant outside review. Please pass the word, and have people in your organizations pick through it.
    Here are the caveats:
* Sections 1,2,4 and Appendix A we are fairly comfortable with (7/10) but would like extra in-depth review of the escaping/unescaping rules
* Section 3 (resolution) we are comfortable with (5/10) but would be open to architectural and "higher-level" input as well as detailed, in-depth technical input
* Section 5 (references) is still a work in progress and will just be that way until the end (collecting references)
* Appendix B is waiting input from Drummond Reed and is still subject to input from the editors
* Appendix C may or may not stay in the specification (its non-normative anyway)
    With that being said, TC members can post comments to the list, and non-TC members can post comments to the xri-comment@lists.oasis-open.org or send email to myself (gwachob@visa.com)  or Drummond Reed (drummond.reed@onename.com).
    THANKS IN ADVANCE for all the input we get, with the expectation that the input we'll get will only make the XRI specificaiton that much better.
    -Gabe (on behalf of the XRI Spec editors)

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