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Subject: "minutes" from last two concalls

This email is being sent to communicate the important results of the last pair of conference calls held by the TC.
Neither of them were official TC meetings, and as such, they've been conducted with much less formalism than previous meetings. They have been largely used to communicate "current thinking" about several issues to interested TC members.
Specifically, we discussed current thinking on the best approach to internationalization, including addressing the I18N issues raised by Nat Sakimura here and on the editors list. Also discussed was thinking on the approach to leveraging work being done on RFC2396bis (revised URI spec) and the IRI (internationalized resource identifiers) efforts. The issue there is the specifications in those working groups are not final, and thus are not citeable as normative documents.
The approach that the editors have taken to address these issues is largely reflected in the text of the -07 draft.
In yesterday's concall, Geoffrey Strongin raised a question about whether or not the editors group should deliver a writeup of the plans for the specification moving forward. One theme of such a written plan of intent would be addressing how we could "bring in" the IRI and revised URI spec as they are formally delivered as normative documents. Dave McAlpin, who has been the detail guy in the areas where these specs impact our work, believes that being able to normatively cite these external specs will make the XRI spec shorter and simpler. Currently, we are forced to "recreate" some of the abstractions and transformation processes described in these documents - by citing these underlying specs we don't have to recreate these processes in the XRI spec.
Just a reminder, now is the time to dig into -07 and give feedback!

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