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Subject: Resolution Simplification

XRI Members-
    Its become rather clear to me that one of the impediments to getting feedback on the XRI spec is the density of the Resolution section and its reliance on DNS technologies thats folks are very unfamiliar with (e.g. DDDS).
    Towards the goal of getting XRI traction, I'm proposing a much simpler resolution process that focuses almost entirely on HTTP rather than trying to provide a framework for pluggable resolution. This proposal is 6 pages long (rather than the current 15-16 pages). No flowcharts!
    I've spoken with Dave McAlpin and we've got a pretty clear path for doing secure resolution with it as well. My proposal doesn't lay out those details, but rather suggests where the hooks are for doing secure resolution.
    I'm pretty confident that this simplification is a great step forward as it makes resolution a much more conventional process that relies more directly on HTTP.
    Please see the attached document and send feedback to the list or to myself. No decision has been made (obviously), but I'm hoping this proposal gets a general initial thumbs up. Its certainly a lot more understandable. Section 3.1 of the -07 draft is largely still applicable - so it might be useful to read that before you read this proposal.


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