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Subject: Digital ID World/XRI 1.0 spec status update

TC Members,

I was offline at Digital ID World all last week, which was indeed bigger
and better than last year. Although I only did one short talk on the XRI
TC (as part of the ISTPA Privacy Framework Training Workshop), the good
news is that there was a lot of interest in where the spec was in the
OASIS process and how soon it would be ready. There was also very strong
interest in a data sharing and mediation protocol based on XRIs, i.e.,
the proposed OASIS XDI TC. (Those of us that are driving that process
intend to propose this via an OASIS discussion list shortly - I'll post
more about that as soon as it's ready.)

In the meantime, the 09 draft of the XRI spec is nearing completion.
Gabe and I huddled this morning and proposed to the rest of the editors
that we:

* Post 09f to the list by COB tomorrow (content complete by Gabe and
Dave, subject to final editing pass by the rest of the editors).

* Post 09g to the list within one week following (COB 10/28) as the
"gold candidate".

* Hold an all-TC telecon at 3pm PT on Thursday 10/30 to discuss any
final feedback and, if there is consensus, agreeing to a final vote
starting that day (which would end 11/6).

In order to prepare for the final vote, Gabe will post another ballot
tomorrow regarding a new deliverable following approval of the 1.0 spec.
This will be the second and final "qualifying ballot" before the vote on
the 1.0 spec, so please do remember to vote.

Thanks for your patience - we are almost done with the 1.0 cycle.



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