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Subject: Debugging/testing resolver

Happy New Years XRI folks!
Please see:
My first cut at a "debugging" (ie it will show you what its doing) XRI resolver.
Lots of shortcuts, probably lots of things it doesn't do right (unicode especially), but its a first cut.
The form is really simple. Enter an XRI and it gets you the local access URI along with information on what the resolver is doing  (if you have a debug number > 0). If debug is 0 or unset, then you'll get redirected to the local access URL (woops - a little broken now - it doesn't add the local part of the XRI!)
The actual results of the resolution request are done in a separate window from the form.
This is just a lightweight test thing on my personal website, so be nice. Use it as an educational tool for testing out XRI server side infrastructure or compare your resolution code to it, whatever.
This tool will likely evolve as time permits, including fixing bugs, suggestions, etc. It may also move to a more permanent home at some point.

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