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Subject: XRI TC Status Report

XRI TC Members:
Happy 2004! I hope you had a good break and are coming back fully
refreshed and ready for the New Year. This message will just provide a
short start-of-year status report.
First, although we unanimously passed the XRI Generic Syntax and
Resolution spec on Dec. 7th, once the Editor's SC had made the minor
fixes contemplated after that vote and sent a copy of the spec to OASIS
to make sure everything was ready to publish, OASIS staff informed us
that NO changes can be made to an approved Committee Draft spec without
either a revote or publishing them as errata.
Therefore we need to hold a second vote. Dave McAlpin, chair of the
Editor's SC, is currently reviewing the "gold" spec with a fine-tooth
comb looking for any other adjustment that may be necessary (for
example, we caught two minor BNF oversights in preparing the version we
sent in to OASIS). Dave will post this Gold Gold candidate as soon as he
is done and ready to recommend it to the full TC, then we will hold the
Secondly, beside our own internal pressures to get 1.0 published, we're
also driven to get 1.0 spc posted because in December a group of
sponsors officially proposed the XDI (XRI Data Interchange) TC to OASIS,
and this sponsor group is currently in the process of preparing
documents for briefing other OASIS TCs about what the XDI TC will be
doing and how it may be related to their efforts. We expect the OASIS
Call for Participation to go out in mid-January and for the first
meeting to be held in mid-February. If you are interested in
participating in this TC and are not already listed on the sponsor list,
please feel free to contact either myself or Geoffrey Strongin (
geoffrey.strongin@amd.com <mailto:geoffrey.strongin@amd.com> ).
Thirdly, Karl Best will be sending a notice to other OASIS members of
the new XRI TC charter we approved in December. That means that as soon
as the revote is completed, we need to get going on our next 3
deliverables in the new charter: 1) the XRI Primer, 2) the XRI Metadata
1.0 spec, and 3) the XRI Secure Resolution 1.0 spec. Dave McAlpin and
Epok have volunteered to prepare a proposal for #3. Initial proposals
for #1 and #2 will be prepared by a combination of other members of the
Editor's SC. It being a new year and all, Gabe and I want to invite
other TC members who may want to get more involved to join in the
development of these proposals. Please send either of us email if you
Again, thank you to all TC members who helped us accomplish our major
objective in 2003 - finishing the XRI 1.0 spec. The next 3 documents are
our goal for Q1 2004 (and we know now that at least one other OASIS TC -
XDI - is going to be depending on them).

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