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Subject: FW: Information on the UDEF - semantic equivalency mechanism

XDI TC Members and Observers (and also XRI TC Members and Observers):

I am forwarding this reply from John Hardin of UDEF.ORG who doesn't have
permission to send directly to the lists.

Gabe, I note for the XRI TC that we discussed UDEF six+ months ago, and John
and his colleagues should definitely be able to help us understand the
intersection better now.


-----Original Message-----
From: john hardin [mailto:john@sanghainteractive.com] 
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 11:59 AM
To: 'john hardin'; ronschuldt@msn.com; ron.l.schuldt@lmco.com;
dsommer@comptia.org; dnickull@adobe.com; geoffrey.strongin@amd.com;
jim_rapoza@ziffdavis.com; patrick.stickler@nokia.com; Drummond Reed
Cc: dconnelly@openapplications.org; mrowell@openapplications.org;
mmckenzie@adobe.com; psnack@aiag.org; udef.builders@topica.com; 'XDI TC';
david@drrw.info; Jamie.clark@oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: Information on the UDEF - semantic equivalency mechanism

Thanks very much, I will replace the paper I had printed <shame on me for
killing trees>. 

Also - I am copying you on an email that just went between myself, David RR
Webber and Joseph Chiusano, regarding UDEF and CAM. 

I think between these groups, and including the Reg/Rep, and some work by
the ontologies/taxonomies/RDF/eBusiness Schema formats etc, we can come up
with a very usable semantic equivalency mechanism for web services, B2B and
eventually, the semantic web... 

Thanks for the interaction. Incidentally, I will be registering
http://www.sanghainteractive.com (my company) as a OASIS technical member,
and I believe should probably start a UDEF Technical Committee. 

What are comments from any and all on that?  

John Hardin

john c hardin
director / founder - sangha interactive
877.572.5691 - 313.737.1197 cell

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: "Drummond Reed" <drummond.reed@cordance.net>
Date:  Mon, 10 May 2004 11:49:21 -0700

>Thank you very much for contacting the OASIS XDI TC. We have been aware of
>the UDEF effort for some time but have not known about the particular
>details of recent activity.  There are many fascinating intersections
>between the XDI Dataweb vision and how it proposes to accomplish "semantic
>equivalency" and the UDEF effort, so it very helpful to have a current set
>of pointers to UDEF resources.
>The XDI TC is in the middle of its use cases and requirements phase and
>expects to start work on design in early summer. We should review the UDEF
>work closely at that juncture.
>In the meantime, let me give you a new link to the XDI Dataweb white paper,
>as there has been one revision since the first version in January:
>This would be the single best document for UDEF team members to review to
>understand the Dataweb model and the proposed XRI/XDI approach to semantic
>equivalency. It would be very helpful to use to understand how you would
>recommend UDEF fit into this model.
>If there is strong synergy, we could also investigate developing a formal
>liason, as we have done with the OASIS SAML and XACML TCs, the Trusted
>Computing Group, and the ISTPA (www.istpa.org).
>Again, thank you for getting in touch with us, and I look forward to
>exploring this together.
>206.364.0992 office
>206.618.8530 cell
>-----Original Message-----
>From: john hardin [mailto:john@sanghainteractive.com] 
>Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 3:30 PM
>To: drummond.reed@cordance.net; ronschuldt@msn.com; ron.l.schuldt@lmco.com;
>dsommer@comptia.org; dnickull@adobe.com; geoffrey.strongin@amd.com;
>jim_rapoza@ziffdavis.com; patrick.stickler@nokia.com
>Cc: udef.builders@topica.com
>Subject: Information on the UDEF - semantic equivalency mechanism
>Hello to the OASIS DataWeb team,
>Please copy this to anyone that you think might be interested.
>The Universal Data Element Framework (http://www.udef.org) is an upcoming 
>open standards effort that is gaining steam in the international IT 
>community. We are focused on developing and delivering a royalty-free, 
>global resource for  "semantic equivalency". The method is to provide a 
>tree structure based on ISO 11179 metadata standards, using the common 
>representation words for Object (18 total) and Property (16 
>total),  eBusiness document formats, ontologies, taxonomies, for use as 
>data in web services and the semantic web.
>Some details:
>Specs and Education on the semantic tree structure - 
>http://www.udef.org/specdoc.html  link is UDEF Master Trees and Spec
>Use cases for mechanism on registry / repository - 
>http://www.udef.org/specdoc.html link is UDEF Registry Use Cases
>There is a NIST / Open Applications Group Proof of Concept in progress: 
>The announcement of the permanent host for UDEF Registry is upcoming... 
>within the next few weeks, most likely. At that point, the build process 
>will begin on the functions defined in the use cases, and the XML'ized 
>trees will be deployed into the Registry.
>We are reaching out to a number of groups, and are enthusiastic about 
>presenting to the ebSOA group, which was scheduled for the last meeting at 
>New Orleans, but due to scheduling conflicts, needs to be rescheduled.
>I am reviewing the Dataweb info, and will comment regarding where and how 
>the UDEF can provide solutions.
>There are some statements of support from various IT leaders also: 
>The mail list for udef.builders is archived at 
>Thanks for your time, and best regards,
>John Hardin
>For those in the UDEF group, here are some links to the DataWeb / XDI OASIS

>TC, and related materials:
>>OASIS Sets Path to 'Dataweb'. Effort Would Link,
>>Synchronize Data.
>>Yvonne L.Lee, Software Development Times
>>OASIS in February began the second phase of work on
>>what it hopes will be a Web that can not only link data, but also
>>synchronize it. The new Web, which OASIS refers to as the 'Dataweb,' would
>>provide a way to publish/subscribe to information. "If you have an
>>application today that you want to turn into a Web service -- let's say
>>accounting across a supply chain -- you can design a Web service to do
>>that, [but] if you look at a different kind of problem, such as sharing
>>contact data, there are hundreds of applications that need to share
>>that data," said Drummond Reed, chair of the technical committee for
>>creating the new system.
>john c hardin
>director / founder - sangha interactive
>877.572.5691 - 313.737.1197 cell


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