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Subject: RE: [xri] Initial proposed XRI 1.1 ABNF and issues analysis

I can see the case for a tighter definition of XRI authority segments.

Dave, I think Mike's right about the bug of xri-pchar allowing
xri-sub-delims (although I think he meant "This allows subsegment delimiters
to be embedded within subsegments.") RFC2396bis allowed this because the
only segment delimiter is slash. Since XRI allows subsegments, it seems we
must disallow xri-sub-delims within subsegments unless they are used as
subsegment delimiters. Since subsegments can be null in the path, I don't
think that's any problem. Do you?


-----Original Message-----
From: Lindelsee, Mike [mailto:mlindels@visa.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 1:23 PM
To: xri@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xri] Initial proposed XRI 1.1 ABNF and issues analysis

I've taken a look at the proposed ABNF and would like to recommend a couple
of changes.  First, I think we should be relatively strict in the authority
part and restrict the segment delimiters to only those that are valid
delimiters.  My concern is that showing other delimeters in the authority
part will imply to people reading the ABNF that those delimiters might have
some sort of meaning.  The second change is to remove the support for null
segments in the authority part.  While there is an XDI use for null segments
in the path part, it doesn't seem to be needed in the authority part.  And
not allowing null segments in the authority part helps to keep resolution as
simple as possible.

I also noticed what might be a bug -- the inclusion of xri-sub-delims in the
xri-pchar production.  This allows segment delimiters to be embedded within
segments.  I don't think that this makes sense (Dave, please correct me if
I'm wrong on this).


Proposed changes to the updated XRI ABNF
(change)	xri-sub-delims	=  xri-auth-delims /  xri-path-delims
(add)		xri-auth-delims	=  "!"  /  "*"
(add)		xri-path-delims	=  "&" / ":" / ";" / "," / "'"

(remove)	xri-segment		=  sub-segment  *( xri-sub-delims
sub-segment )
(add)		xri-auth-segment	=  auth-sub-segment  *(
xri-auth-delims auth-sub-segment )
(add)		xri-path-segment	=  path-sub-segment  *(
xri-sub-delims path-sub-segment )

(change)	XRI-authority	=  ( gcs-char [ xri-auth-segment ] ) /
(change)	relative-path	=  xri-path-segment * ( "/" xri-path-segment
) [ "?" xri-query ]
					   [ "#" xri-fragment ]
(change)	xref-authority	=  xref  *( xri-auth-delims auth-sub-segment

(remove)	sub-segment		=  ( *xri-pchar / xref )
(add)		auth-sub-segment	=  ( 1*xri-pchar /  xref )
(add)		path-sub-segment  =  ( *xri-pchar / xref )

(change-bug)xri-pchar		=  xri-unreserved / pct-encoded

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