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Subject: XRI TC call (unofficial) Thursday 2pm Pacific/Friday 7am Japan

XRI TC Members and Observers,

Following are the call-in details and agenda for the unofficial XRI TC
telecon that will be held this coming Thursday at 2pm Pacific/Friday 7am

Toll free Access Number: 1-800-514-2819 (Domestic US) 
International Access Number: +973-935-8596 
Participant Code: 716233

We encourage all TC members to join this call to discuss final comments
regarding the four XRI 2.0 specifications.


WD 05 has been posted for a week and is essentially complete except a slight
revision of the graphic in the introduction and final "instructions to
editors". We will see if there is any other final feedback and then assign
action items to prepare the release candidate.

Hopefully Gabe will have posted WD 05 before the call tomorrow, including
Peter's text for the Security Considerations section. Our highest priority
will be to discuss any remaining open technical issues with this spec,
followed by any editorial/formatting issues. We will then assign action
items for all remaining tasks in order to produce the release candidate.

Drummond reviewed what to his knowledge was the only open issue with Dave
yesterday, and will post WD 03 before the call tomorrow, including text for
the Security Considerations section. This is a short spec, so PLEASE GIVE IT
ONE READ THROUGH and come prepared with any further feedback on the call (or
send it to the list).

Drummond and Dave spent several hours yesterday improving section 1 (the
introduction) and 2 (problems addressed) in WD 01. The majority of the
effort now needs to focus on section 3 (example usage scenarios), which
Drummond and Dave will collaborate on again today. WD 02 will be posted
before the call tomorrow. This is the second highest priority to discuss, as
it will set the stage for the final writing work that must be accomplished
within the next few days.

We will close by discussing the schedule for reviewing of final release
candidates, obtaining OASIS staff input on formatting/notices, and
scheduling the final vote (candidate dates/times for the OFFICIAL telecon
are 2pm PT Thursday March 10, 2PM PT Friday March 11, or 2PM PT Monday March


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