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Subject: XRI 2.0 Vote Scheduled Monday 3/14 2PM Pacific/Tuesday 3/15 7AM Japan

XRI TC Members and Observers,

On today's informal TC telecon we set the official vote for the XRI 2.0
specification suite for a telecon on Monday 3/14 2PM Pacific/Tuesday 3/15
7AM Japan. We will also vote on submitting these specs for the OASIS 30-day
member review period.

Epok has graciously volunteered to host this call. The dial-in details will

Toll free Access Number: 1-800-514-2819 (Domestic US) 
International Access Number: +973-935-8596 
Participant Code: 716233

WE MUST HAVE 2/3 QUORUM FOR THE VOTE so all voting members are strongly
urged to attend.

We will NOT hold a call next Thursday, as we have been the last 3 weeks, in
favor of the call the following Monday. We moved the vote to Monday the 14th
to provide more time for final revisions and review to be accomplished next
week. At this time Syntax WD 05 and Metadata WD 03 are essentially complete,
with only a very final editing pass needed. The major focus will be
incorporating all the comments on Resolution 04 into 05 and then completing
a final round of review and feedback early next week.

If you have not yet reviewed Syntax or Metadata, please review Syntax WD 05
and Metadata WD 03 as soon as you can and post comments to the list or the
editors. Please reserve time in the middle of next week to review WD 05 or
06 next week.

The most recent drafts of all documents are always available at
http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xri/documents.php in the
Working Drafts folder.

Thank you,


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