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Subject: Status update and MONDAY VOTE REMINDER

XRI TC Members and Observers:

See the previous four emails for links to the Syntax 07 Working Draft and
the Metadata 06 Working Draft, both of which are now final except for the
OASIS housekeeping. Dave is working on the final production pass of the
Resolution 07 Working Draft which we will post tomorrow morning as soon as
it's ready.

All Working Drafts still have change marks so you can compare them to the
previous version, but most of the changes at this point are typos and

Dave and I (and Gabe if he can make it) have a call with Mary McRae of OASIS
at 9AM PT tomorrow (Friday) to go over the housekeeping questions and
prepare for Monday's vote.

I haven't received any emails from anyone on the TC saying they can't attend
Monday's vote (2PM Pacific, which is 7AM Tuesday in Japan), so I'm assuming
we'll have 100% attendance. Again, please email myself or Gabe if for any
reason you cannot attend the call.

We'll post a final report tomorrow after speaking with Mary. In the meantime
please review any Working Drafts you have not read yet and be prepared for
Monday's vote.


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