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Subject: Re: [xri] Monday call

On Friday 11 March 2005 11:46 am, Drummond Reed wrote:
> Peter, unfortunately the call's been set at this time for 10 days now.
> Right now Ajay may not be able to make it as will be 3:30am his time in
> India, but he's the only one I know of who might now be able to attend.
> We intend to hold the votes right at the start of the call, so if you can
> call in for just a few mins before your plane leaves, that might work.

My flight is @ 5:05, so i suppose i could call-in b4 the doors close, and 
vocalize my vote ahead of time.  not optimal, but may do.

otherwise, i am wheels-down @ 6:30 ... not sure the call will last that long, 

--- peterd

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