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Subject: XRI TC: Submission for Public Review of Commitee Draft


The OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) TC in its meeting today
approved three specifications -- XRI Syntax V2.0, XRI Resolution V2.0, and
XRI Metadata V2.0 -- as Committee Drafts. In this meeting it also approved
submitting these for public review (see minutes at

The TC would like to begin the public review immediately. Below is a short
description of the specification and a list of files.


The XRI V2.0 suite of specifications define a syntax and resolution protocol
for abstract identifiers -- identifiers that are independent of a specific
location, domain, application, or protocol. The XRI specifications build
directly on the foundation provided by the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)
and IRI (Internationalized Resource Identifier) specifications (RFC 3986 and
3987). Unlike URNs (Uniform Resource Names, RFC 2141), XRIs support both
persistent and reassignable abstract identifiers. In addition they offer
several other features required for a uniform abstract identification layer,
including unlimited federation, cross-references, and global context


The file are available here:

1. XRI Syntax V2.0 Committee Draft 01 defines the normative ABNF grammar for
XRIs, transformations from XRIs into IRIs and URIs, relative XRI references,
and normalization/comparison. It is available at:

2. XRI Resolution V2.0 Committee Draft 01 defines an HTTP/HTTPS-based
resolution protocol for XRIs, including both generic and trusted resolution.
The latter uses SAML assertions based on the new SAML 2.0 specifications. It
is available at:

3. XRI Metadata V2.0 Committee Draft 01 defines four namespaces under the
XRI global context symbol "$" for common types of identifier metadata,
including language tags, date/time stamps, version identifiers, and
annotations. It is available at:

4. Introduction to XRIs Working Draft 04 is a non-normative introduction to
the uses and features of XRIs. This work-in-progress is intended to serve as
an entry point for the XRI 2.0 suite. The XRI TC encourages feedback and
input on this document from other OASIS members. It is available at:

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Best regards,

Drummond Reed

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