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Subject: The Corollaries of Identifiers

XRI TC Members and Observers,

Although it's entirely informal, I wanted to share one activity that will be
ongoing this month as we complete the public review period for XRI 2.0.
After Kim Cameron began publishing his "Laws of Identity"...


...in the ensuing discussion I realized that there were a set of
"Corollaries of Identifiers" - corresponding rules governing the design of
online identifier systems the same way Kim's laws govern the design of a
"universal identity metasystem".

After Kim finished the last of his seven laws, it made sense for us XRI
folks to propose the Corollary of Identifiers and see how XRIs measure up.

The first in this series is posted at:


By all means, please feel free to post, blog, or otherwise express your POV
about each of these corollaries -- all of it should raise awareness and
understanding of the design goals we have been following on the TC.



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