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Subject: Clarifications

In order to address misconceptions that have arisen during the formal review process for the XRI specifications, I'd like to make some clarifications based on our (Visa) understanding of the XRI TC and its work:

(1) XRI is *not* i-names.


(2) Persistence of identifiers is *not* provided by the XRI specification and is *not* the core feature of XRI.


(3) The "Introduction to XRIs" document has *not* been edited by all members of the TC and does not yet properly reflect the wide range of use cases.


(4) The XRI specifications do not imply nor require implementation in the context of a single, global root.


(5) The TC and all its participants agreed to produce the XRI specifications on a RAND and Royalty Free basis.





 Further notes:


(1) I-names are an *application* of XRI, as is XDI. A vote for XRI is not a vote for i-names or XDI. A vote for XRI is *only* a vote for the XRI specification.


(2) While many XRI TC participants are working on technical/organizational infrastructure and rules for providing persistence of identifiers, such work is *not* within the scope of the XRI TC or the XRI specification vote. Furthermore, there is *nothing* in the XRI TC specifications that requires adherence to these outside efforts. A vote for the XRI specification is *not* a vote of approval for these efforts.


(3) While I personally regret the "Introduction to XRIs" document not having been prepared sufficiently for the vote, it is important to note that a vote for the XRI specifications does *not* imply approval of this introductory document. Furthermore, this introductory document should not be considered a limit to the way in which XRIs may be used.


(4) Although the specifications reference Global Community Symbols that may facilitate the organization of a common community root for XRI implementations, the specifications in no way prevent multiple, competing root implementations coming to market all using the same Global Community Symbols. Moreover, many XRI use cases do not use the Global Community Symbols at all, and instead rely on "private roots" (using cross references based on URIs).


(5) Nothing to add ;-)

Chief Systems Architect
Technology Strategies and Standards
Visa International
Phone: +1.650.432.3696   Fax: +1.650.554.6817


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