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Subject: Adding a priority attribute to XRIDs

Title: Adding a priority attribute to XRIDs

Proposal for Adding a Priority Attribute to XRIDs


The XML 1.0 Specification does not specifically state that elements within an XML document are ordered.  The element order is left to the interpretation of the parser or XML application.  Although most parsers will preserve order, an explicit ordering attribute on an element makes order, or priority, unambiguous.


With XRIDs this is particularly true because they may contain multiple Authority elements, Service elements, Internal Synonyms, or External Synonyms. Since the priority of these elements may be important either to the Authority, the resolution client, or the consuming application, it is recommended that XRIDs employ the same mechanism used in DNS records to indicate priority, i.e., an explicit “priority” attribute.


This attribute could be defined globally and then used in the Authority, Service, Internal, and External elements within an XRID, or it may be defined for each specific element (the former is recommended for easier extensibility). In either case the resolution client may interpret the correct priority without assuming document order.


It is proposed that this priority attribute be optional, have no default value, and be of the type unsigned short integer.


Below is an example of an XRID with the priority attribute added.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<XRIDescriptors xmlns="xri://$res*schema/XRIDescriptor*($v%2f2.0)">

                <XRIDescriptor xrid:id="1">




                                <Authority priority=”10”>






                                <Service priority=”10”>





                                <Service priority=”20”>






                                                <Internal priority=”10”>xri://=!1234.1234.1234.1234</Internal>

                                                <External priority=”10”>xri://!!1002!(=!1234.1234.1234.1234)</External>






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