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Subject: RE: [xri] CALL FOR CERTIFICATIONS of XRI Syntax 2.0 Usage


Cordance Corporation, an OASIS sponsor member, is pleased to certify that it
is successfully using the XRI Syntax 2.0 Committee Draft 02 specification
(currently completing the vote to become a Committee Specification).

Cordance contributed to the development of a trial program operated by
Identity Commons for personal XRI ("i-name") registration and resolution
that has been running for over a year now. (Note my personal i-name
signature block on this email that I use to provide a persistent, spam-free
contact address.) [1]

Cordance has also contributed to the development of XRI registration and
resolution services to be offered by XDI.ORG. [2]

Cordance is a contributor to the open source OpenXRI project that began
offering an open source XRI resolver and resolution server in April. [3]

And Cordance is also an active contributor to the i-tag project for using
XRIs in tags. [4]

With the growing number of uses and applications for a uniform abstract
identifier syntax, Cordance endorses the advancement of XRI Syntax 2.0 to
become an OASIS Standard.


Drummond Reed
CTO, Cordance Corporation
i-name: =Drummond.Reed

[1] http://www.2idi.com
[2] http://www.xdi.org and http://gss.xdi.org
[3] http://www.openxri.org
[4] http://itag.seedwiki.com 

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