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Subject: Res WD 10 ED 04 for review

XRI TC Members and especially the XRI Resolution Editor's Team:

XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 10 Editor's Draft 04 was finally posted
tonight. Public links:

WORD (with revision marks in the early sections only):

PDF (no revision marks):

Pending review by the other editors, it is substantially complete, including
a new consolidated reference processing section (4.6) that I believe
addresses all issues surrounding what formerly was "XRI redirects".

It also includes a much simplified set of flowcharts for section 5, Service
Endpoint Selection, which make it much easier to understand the logic.

Lastly, all internal references have been filled in, numbered lists have
been fixed, and items remaining as either Open Issues or TO DOs have been
marked with comments.

XRI RESOLUTION EDITORS AND IMPLEMENTERS: your job is to now review this
draft tooth-and-nail. Download the Word version, accept all changes, then
turn on Track Changes and either make fixes or add comments everywhere
necessary. Please DO NOT send the file back to me until you hear from me as
I'm going to be in Asia and may not be able to take large attachments. But
DO send me an email with a summary of your key feedback.

OTHER TC MEMBERS: Review and feedback highly encouraged. If minor, send
comments with line numbers to the list. If major, follow the editor's
instructions above.

Thanks. I'll be overseas the next two weeks but back the 31st.

(Note: Marty and I are also going to try to get XRI Metadata 2.0 Working
Draft 08 posted shortly if I can get an Internet connection in China).


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