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Subject: XRI Resolution 2.0 Draft 10 comments

Hi all,

My questions regarding the newly submitted draft are below:

1. Section 4.2.2 - Line 511 states that "Parameters specified in this manner
SHOULD take precedence over the same parameters provided via any other
interface". Of the 3 optional resolution parameters, if only 1 is provided
in the HXRI, the values of the rest should be considered as null or other
interfaces (such as HTTP header) should be considered?

2. Section 5.6 - Flowchart suggests that the value of xrd:XRD/xrd:Service/
xrd:Path should be equal to either Path OR "(" Path ")", in order for the
service to be selected. Whereas the normative rules for the algorithm, pt. 4
says that the selection of a service should be *repeated* with the value of
path = "(" Path ")". So, is there an EQUALITY or a PRIORITY relation between
the path values distinguished by parenthesis?

Mohit Raj

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