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Subject: RE: [xri] Decision on Ref "backtracking" issue


Or I guess another approach would be for the server to just go ahead and
re-implement the Authority Resolution phase (as it's not nearly as complex
as the Service Selection) and leave out the Ref processing. (Still might be
nice to have the flag though ;-)

Wil wrote:
> > Should lookahead resolution really proceed to following Refs? I would
> > prefer the server receiving the additional segments to stop at the point
> > before it needs to follow a Ref and return the XRD's so far.

My Response:
> That seems like fine behavior for an Auth Res server. If I were the
> server,
> though, I would use the Resolver Client to perform lookahead resolution,
> because the resolution behavior needs to be compliant with the Resolution
> Spec (and who wants to implement the spec again?). So perhaps the Resolver
> Client API needs a flag that tells it *not* to follow refs (to error out).
> That way the Auth Res server can do the behavior you describe above.

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