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xri message

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Subject: XRI Resolution 2.0 test server

With Victor's permission I'm forwarding this message about the XRI
resolution test server he's stood up. Feel free to poke at it and give him

NeuStar also plans to stand up both and authority resolution and proxy
resolution service shortly. Stand by for news...


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From: ibroker-dev-bounces@idcommons.net
[mailto:ibroker-dev-bounces@idcommons.net] On Behalf Of Victor Grey
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 7:11 PM
To: 'Ibroker-Dev List'
Subject: [Ibroker-dev] XRI Res 2 test resolution server

I've got a test resolution server up at http://xria.2idi.com/@/ -- if 
you configure a resolver to look for '@' at that address, you can 
resolve livingdirectory and smartocracy community i-names (the ones 
that were in the live database as of a few weeks ago when I did the 

For example, if you GET http://xria.2idi.com/@/livingdirectory it 
returns an XRD with a xri://$res*auth*($v*2.0) Service URI of 
http://xria.2idi.com/@livingdirectory/ --  you can then ask 
http://xria.2idi.com/@livingdirectory/ for *vg ( GET 

It will also do lookahead resolution on i-names for which it is 
authoritative, e.g. ask '@' for livingdirectory*vg  (GET 
http://xria.2idi.com/@/livingdirectory*vg) and it will return the XRDs 
for both subsegments.

Asking for a non-existent i-name will produce an XRD error (e.g. GET 
http://xria.2idi.com/@/livingdirectory*xxx), and you can produce other 
interesting errors by, for example, GET 

I put this up primarily to have something to test the Ruby resolver I'm 
working on against, but if anyone else finds a use for it, be my guest. 
Let me know if it does anything it shouldn't, or doesn't do anything it 
should  ;-)


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