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Subject: Empty paths

Hi all,


While implementing the syntax parser in OpenXRI, I have stumbled upon an issue with empty paths and canonical XRIs.


Firstly, from what I read in the specs (section 2.2.5 Canonicalization), “XRI references do not have a single canonical form”. In which case, I believe that converting an XRI reference to IRI normal form should NOT muck with the optional reassignable subsegment delimiter. It also follows that we should try to preserve empty path segments as much as possible in the parser.


I am having trouble with the “correct” parser behavior when it encounters an empty path, such as xri://@foo/. When it comes to comparison, should we treat xri://@foo and xri://@foo/ as the same? What about xri://@foo/ and xri://@foo// (double slashes)?


I remember Gabe had brought up this issue (or something similar), and I beat myself up for not paying attention then.




=wil (http://xri.net/=wil)




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