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Subject: Welcome to Dr. Lee / No telecon this week

XRI TC Members and Observers:

First, I would like to welcome Dr. XiaoDong Lee from China Internet Network
Information Center as a Voting Member. Dr. Lee joined the TC in February but
due to changes in the OASIS TC process software, he was not converted to a
Voting Member after 60 days. We just made the change manually to fix that,
and Gabe and I would like to formally welcome him as a voting member.

Secondly, as Marty Schlieff of Boeing is not able to attend this week's
telecon due to a doctor's appointment, and myself and several other TC
members are under great time pressure to prepare for the upcoming Berkman
Identity Mashup (open to the public -- see http://www.identitymash-up.org/),
we will not hold our normal telecon this Thursday at 4PM Pacific.

We will however hold next week's telecon on Thursday June 15th at 4PM
Pacific. Please put that on your calendars. Note that due to the Berkman
conference we will probably not a telecon the following week (June 22nd),
however we will decide that next week.

We need to press forward with XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11 (which
should be our Committee Draft 2.0 release candidate), together with the
consolidated XRI Metadata 2.0 Working Draft 09, which Marty and I should be
posting early next week.



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