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Subject: No telecon this week

XRI TC Members and Observers:


Due to the number of XRI TC members that are currently preparing XRI-related work for the Berkman Identity conference next week (http://www.identitymash-up.org/), we won't be holding a call this week.


Even though the Berkman conference ends Wednesday of next week, due to my travel plans I won’t be able to attend next week’s call. However if others are able to attend next week, and if Gabe can chair that call, we should still proceed with it.


I will be able to attend on Thursday June 29. Post-Berkman I’m expecting that a number of us can focus again on XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11 and XRI Metadata 2.0 Working Draft 09, as our goal is to advance both of these to Committee Draft status and put them into public review by the end of July.




=Drummond (http://xri.net/=drummond.reed)  


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