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Subject: Updated 2.1 ABNF and global subsegments

XRI TC Members and Observers:


An update to the proposed ABNF for XRI Syntax 2.1 has been posted to the XRI TC wiki at:




This third draft incorporates feedback and suggestions from earlier drafts. In particular it now breaks the former xri-subseg (XRI subsegment) rule into two forms: global-subseg (global subsegment) and local-subseg (local subsegment). Global subsegments replace the former compact syntax proposal. A full explanation of global subsegments and how they would be treated by XRI resolution has been posted at:




Note that the latter page still has a few TO-DOs at the end which I’ll fill in tomorrow. But I urge you to review both the proposed ABNF and the global subsegment proposal in preparation for this Thursday’s call.


Also, in a call I had with Les and Wil and Trung today, Wil took the action item to review the ABNF from the standpoint of the OpenXRI parser implementation. So he may come back with suggestions about how rule names might be refactored to best support implementation.


Please do send any feedback/comments directly to the list, as this is the last major outstanding issue for XRI Syntax 2.1, so we want to close on this and begin drafting as soon as we can to be ready for final review at the OASIS Symposium starting April 16.







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