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Subject: Current XRI 2.1 abstract & concrete syntax links

XRI TC Members and Observers:

Steve, Wil, and I have been busy since last Thursday's telecon with updates
to both the XRI 2.1 abstract syntax model and the concrete ABNF. Since I am
going to be travelling all day tomorrow and in meetings all Tuesday morning,
I wanted to send this summary of the updated wiki pages & new docs:

1) Steve has posted a proposed abstract syntax for XRI 2.1 at:


2) I have posted a fifth draft of the proposed concrete ABNF at:


As with the third and fourth drafts, there has been no change to the
underlying ABNF parse tree, only refactoring of rules and rule names to help
alignment with the abstract model. In this case, all rules dealing with
subsegments were renamed to *-subseg. I also added a diagram illustrating
the composition model based on the diagrams Wil posted last Thursday.

3) I moved the former "GlobalRefs" page back to what it was originally
called, "GlobalSubsegments", and updated the terminology there as well.

I'm optimistic that both the abstract and concrete models are getting very
solid and I look forward to boiling this down even further this week. I'll
be back online Tuesday afternoon.


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