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Subject: Re: [xri] CID changes in wd11

Hey Les,

You all know the GRS 1000 times better than me, but here's an idea..
Maybe it would make sense to differentiate between XRI in general and i-names / i-numbers in particular. We could say that
1) for XRI in general, CanonicalIDs are optional and can be hierarchical or non-hierarchical, persistent or non-persistent, editable, whatever the user wants...
2) for i-names, CanonicalIDs (i-numbers) are required and will not change once the i-name has been registered.

Just a thought..


On 8/13/07, Chasen, Les <les.chasen@neustar.biz> wrote:

Hi all


After reviewing the latest wd11 I have one major concern.  This version allows a CID to be changed after it is already set.   I believe that this is a big mistake.  The CID is the persistent identifier for the queried XRD.  We need to ensure that once an XRD has a CID that that CID identifies that XRD forever.


I have always thought of the CID as a primary key to the global database we have created with XRI resolution.  Client applications have been and are being written that depend on the value of this primary key for the mapping of an identity described by an XRDS to their internal account structure.  If we allow this primary key to be changed we have caused a major data integrity problem. 


I propose that the definition of CID not only revert back to the WD10 definition but we also more strongly codify that a CID once set should never be changed. 








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